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Cee Feather Fan

Cee Feather Fan

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Inspired by the 8 petalled Clematis flower which symbolizes mental beauty and ingenuity!

This Cee fur fan was designed to give you all the confidence and boost you need to run the world.

As a garden plant, Clematis climbs up trellises and walls, sometimes in an incomprehensible way, and that is probably why the flower got its nice meaning! another name for the clematis vine is Traveler’s Joy, because this plant doesn’t stay still.
It travels, it climbs, it reaches toward the light and that exactly how we want you to feel when you wear this piece of art.

Made with original feathers that don’t fray

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Materials: Feather, trimmings, artificial flower

Handmade with Love 💕

All our products are made in our studio therefore we are able to customize each product to suit your great taste.

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