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Daisy Locs Wig

Daisy Locs Wig

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Dread locs neatly made invisible frontal lace wig

Are you tired of long sitting hours, doing one hair style, only to uninstall it in weeks?

Are you tired of disappointment and long queues at salons?
Going to salon is risky with this pandemic 🌚.

Have you tried braided wigs before, but the weight turned you off?


Did you get the perfect weight but it was too scanty and obvious it's a wig?

We give you the African look, taking away the aftermath pains of having your hair braided while saving you time, money and energy.

Switch styles in minutes with our wide range of hand braided full, light weight and natural looking wigs, (Senegalese twists, Box braids, Ghana weaving, Faux locs, stitch braids and million braids.)

**you can have this in any length of your choice**

Handmade with Love 💕

All our products are made in our studio therefore we are able to customize each product to suit your great taste.

Happy Shopping!

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