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Edo/Benin bridal headpiece

Edo/Benin bridal headpiece

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The Edo people of Nigeria are well known for their rich and elaborate cultural heritage all across Africa. Edo is located in the southern part of Nigeria with the Bini, the Esan and the Afemai making it’s major sub-ethnic groups.

The Edo bridal costumes include Eto-Okuku, which simply means hairstyle made into a bun shape. Bride’s hair is made into a high bun hairstyle typically created with black gel.

Beads are then sewn into the hair or extensions in to the form of a crown. Many brides often opt for wigs that are ready made with the hair and crown.

Other items that completes the Edo costume are:

Ivie-Uru or beaded necklaces
Ivie-Ebo or hand beads
Emi-Ehorivie or bead earrings
Ekpa-Ivie or beaded clutch
Ewu-Ivie or beaded top/cape.
In recent times, brides now wear beaded footwear, thanks to modern fashion creators.
Brides also tie beautiful wrappers made from fabrics like velvet, lace and george.

•this listing only includes the coral wig headpiece as seen in the picture.

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