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Asooke Head wraps

Asooke Head wraps

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Aso oke fabric, (Yoruba: Așǫ oke, pronounced ah-SHAW-okay) is a hand-loomed cloth woven by the Yoruba people of west Africa.

Aso oke means "top cloth" in the English language, denoting cloth of high status.
Usually woven by men, the fabric is used to make men's gowns, called Agbada, women's wrappers, called iro, men's hats, called fila and women's headwrap and shoulder sash called gele and ipele respectively.

A Nigerian event is incomplete without a gele and your gele is your pride as an African woman.
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Available in all colors.
MCQ is 6

We have lots of patterns that we can show you when you send a message.

Materials: rhinestone, asooke, pearls

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