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Omu aro arochukwu fabric arondizogu cultural fabric

Omu aro arochukwu fabric arondizogu cultural fabric

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Omu is the symbol of Aro dignity and royalty – the ultimate symbol of honour and prestige. For the younger generations of Aro people, Omu Aro refers simply to the George cloth on which “Omu Arochukwu” is embroidered in living colours.

However, although this cloth are worn ,it’s also to devise a means of rallying the Aro people scattered in various settlements all over the South Eastern areas of Nigeria and all over the world .

Omu Aro remains the Coat of Arms, seal, crest, and a highly regarded symbol among Aro groups wherever they may be domiciled.

The symbology of Omu Aro seems to confirm the notion that in any given situation, Aro people are as much prepared for peace (symbolized by the palm frond) as they are prepared for war(symbolized by the weapons and shield

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